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Want to check out my fun vintage enamel treasures?

Vintage Enamel Pans

As you might have already figured out, I have a true weakness for vintage baking pans.  I just see them in my hunting and before I know it I have a whole box full and am heading to the door.  I can only guess it’s because it gives me warm thoughts of mothers past spending time in the kitchen baking fresh bread for their families or cake or cookies or pies.  Baking is one of those things that I associate with showing love and I do love to bake an awful lot.  But I also have a lot of people in my life that I’m very fond of.  And I like to make them feel special by baking something delicious for them.  My last hunting trip, I came across a few vintage enamel baking pans.  I don’t see those very often.

They remind me of the late 60’s, early 70’s.  I’m not sure if those are the right dates but they’re what the enamel wear makes me think of.  The first one I found was the enamel lined loaf pan.  It’s probably newer that I think but I thought it was cool with the enamel lining.  Loaf pans make great tools for organizing things.  You can set them on your counter and put spices in them or use it in a cupboard.  You can always use it as a planter too but I wouldn’t fill it real full so you can still see the enamel lining.

Vintage Enamel Pans

Then I found a “graniteware” pie pan.  And I was surprised that it looked like it had never even been used.  I wonder if it was sitting in someone’s cupboard under a bunch of other things and when they came across it, it ended up in the honey hole.  A lot of what’s out there comes from auctions or estate sales.  I live pie pans to use when working with really little things, like beads.  You can keep them all corralled and not worry about them rolling all over.

The last one had the most personality and I can’t seem to even find one online to compare.  It’s a yellow backed 9×13 baking pan.  I don’t think it’s probably enamel but it’s got some color on it so I added it to this post.  It’s bent up and scratched and looks very well used.  Those are some of the pieces that I love the most.  I know how some of my baking pans looks well used, bent and scratched.  But they work for me and I’m used to how they bake so I keep using them.

Vintage Enamel Pans

The last things I wanted to show were these unique loaf pans.  I know they’re not enamel but I thought they were cool!  I love the corrugated look to them and they’re probably newer than I think but I just couldn’t pass them up.  They were too unique and interesting to me to not snag them.

And so, I came home with another whole box full of old baking pans.  My husband asked the other day when I developed my hoarding tendency.  I tried to act offended but he’s right.  I’ve gone a little over the deep end and need to start letting some things go.  I just need to decide how I want to let them go.  I’m trying to decide between Etsy, eBay or just selling them on my own website.

We’ll see what I come up with!  (or if I just keep everything!)

Vintage Enamel Pans

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