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Unique and fun treasure finds from my honey hole!

Honey Hole Treasures

Oh my gosh!  I got some unique and fun treasure finds my honey hole again!  I have to laugh at myself when I actually allow myself to go because I get so excited for it, that I’m almost giddy.  But I can’t help myself, I just get so excited to see what I can find each time I go.  This time, I found some unique and fun treasures.  Some of it, I’m waiting to show another time but today, I’m going to share a few that I was really excited about.

The first item, I had no idea what it was but I knew it was interesting and so I figured, what the heck, I’ll take it home.  After researching it, I decided that it’s a vintage egg mold.  Maybe for chocolate at the time?  It’s missing the lock but the hinge is still intact.  Isn’t it cool?!?  I’m still trying to figure out where it may have come from.  The one that I could find online that looks the closest to mine is in the UK.  And a lot of the molds I found were produced in Germany.  Yep, it’s one of my impulse buys.

Honey Hole Treasures

The next cool find I stumbled upon was this old aluminum set of canisters.  I found one on one side of the place and the other two in a totally different area.  I’m not sure if I’d find the fourth one in the set if I went back or not.  But sometimes, a less than full set is more interesting anyways.  I think these will make cute photo props for my baking side of the blog.  And I’ll probably store something in them but not flour, sugar or tea.

The last few items I found were from an estate sale in town and my honey hole.  I needed some small items to fill up the box on my Vintage Vignette that I already showed you all.  So, I found the potato masher, the old rusty loaf pan, and all the items in the box.  Some of the old spice cans even still have spices in them.  I love being able to combine different items that show what our passions are.  And as you can see, I had to include some golf balls.  Since we live on a golf course, I like to include golf balls and tees when I can as a nod to where we live.

Honey Hole Treasures

Side note:  When I was at my honey hole, there were 2 other people who appeared to be as serious about hunting as I was.  And then one couple that walked into the one building, took some pictures and turned around and walked back out while complaining about how overwhelming it was.

One of the other serious hunters, was going through for his second time and warned me that his “stash” was right outside the door.  I told him, mine was up front so don’t think about getting into mine (in a friendly tone, of course).  And then, the lady I met was shopping for a show she had coming up and her “stash” was laid out on a blanket.  She and I had a similar taste so I had to stop and admire what she had found and point out a piece she might like.  Thankfully, we were looking for different types of things this trip.

I also came home with 2 big boxes of stuff that I’ll share another time.  I need to get some of them cleaned up and I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of it at once!  Hehe

Honey Hole Treasures

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