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Attack of the Tweaked Too Big Bugs

Tweaked Too Big Bugs

Aren’t these the cutest big bugs you’ve ever seen?  Well, next to the cute ones in “It’s a Bug’s Life”!  I saw these Tweaked Too Big Bugs on our last visit and they were one of those things that just had to come home with me!  And they were so darn affordable too!  I don’t remember exactly how much but I know I looked at the price and said to myself, “well, heck, if they’re that affordable then I’m definitely taking them home!”  And they have to be pretty affordable for me to say that!

I have an idea of what I want to do with them but it’s a work in progress right now.  The north side of our house gets very little sunshine and faces one of the streets that we live on (we’re on a corner).  When we moved in, there was a row of really big pine trees that were half dead.  They also blocked our view out of the north side of the house.  Plus it really hindered us putting in a fence for the dogs.  So the trees had to go!  Leaving that side really bare!

Tweaked Too Big Bugs

Our house has landscaping beds all the way around the foundation.  But I have no idea how long it’s been since someone actually did something with them.  The house had been empty for quite some time before someone came in to fix it up and then we bought it.

The north side gets very little sun so I need to have something over there that will thrive in shade.  My mom and I have been working on it and have a few ideas in mind.  But I also want to put a long recycled wood bench on that side and stage it with some cute outdoor décor.  Enter my big bugs!  I also have a few other items that I need a home for so I’m sure we’ll come up with enough to fill it up.

Tweaked Too Big Bugs

I can’t wait to share an update when we’re all done!  For now, the bugs are sitting on my back deck under a rock flower sculpture.  And they look so, so cute out there!

Before I go, I want to throw out one more plug for Karey at Tweaked Too!  I know a lot of my readers right now are local so if you’re looking for cool, rustic type items for your décor or anything else, you have to take an afternoon to check out Tweaked Too.  If you follow Tweaked Too on Facebook, Karey posts every time he’s going to be open.  (Only two weekends a month!)

I could easily go broke shopping there so I only allow myself to go every other month or so.

Tweaked Too Big Bugs

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