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You never know what treasures you’ll find until you look!

Rustic & Retro Stools

You know, it’s hard telling what treasures you’ll find when you’re out hunting!  Every now and then (ok, maybe more often than not) I find something that I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I know I MUST have it!  A couple of those things lately have been a couple of different stools!  I didn’t have a plan for either of them but I knew if I didn’t get them, I would regret it.  That’s kind of my determining factor.

Will I regret leaving it behind?  If I leave without it, will I make a special trip back to get it?  If I decide I don’t want it after all, do I know someone who will or do I think I can resell it?

Or if I can’t answer yes to at least one of these questions, then I leave it behind.  But most of the time, if I’m asking the questions, I really ought to just take it home with me anyways.  LOL

Rustic & Retro Stools

The first one that I picked up was this super cute wooden one with the iron rod back.  I’ve never seen one like it and fell in love immediately!  It was actually in the back room of this little shop in Mason City, IA that my mom and I stopped into.  It hadn’t even been priced yet.  The owner was trying to decide if he was going to paint it or not!  (GASP!)  We both advised him to not paint it and while we were shopping he priced it and put it on the sales floor unpainted.  Now, in all fairness, he does do a really nice job painting furniture.

A lot of it is chalk paint and cute pieces that look amazing in the colors that he picks.  But in my opinion (and my mom’s) the stool needed to stay natural.  And as you can see, it came home with me in the original natural state.  Paint runs and all!  If you’re interested in checking out a really cute and reasonable shop in Mason City, IA, stop into Shabby Chic!  The owner is very nice, loves what he’s doing and has this adorable dog that comes to work with him!  Definitely, one to keep on my list!

The other stool I picked up lately was from my cousin’s estate garage sale.  He’s a picker like me and loves to find treasures!  I always tease him that I’m going to just come over to his house and pick through his stash.  But he saved me the trouble by having an “estate garage sale” to clear out some of the stuff that he had picked up from some estate sales lately.  Oh my gosh!  Can I just tell you that I walked out of there with some amazing stuff!  One of them was this old kitchen stool!

Rustic & Retro Stools

I know you can get new ones nowadays with the popularity of all the retro furniture and such.  But this one was an original and in amazing shape other than it needs cleaned and a good paint job.  I haven’t had the chance to clean it or paint it yet but I will shortly and can’t wait to provide you an updated pic when I get it done.  I also can’t decide what color I want to paint it for sure.  My kitchen/dining area has a lot of tans, grays and white.  I’ve already picked up the accent color of a darker teal.  And I have a spot of yellow here and there.  I’m leaning towards one of the accent colors but am not sure which one.  I like the turquoise a lot but I think the yellow might be a little truer to the period.  Such a tough decision!

Rustic & Retro Stools

What do you think?  Turquoise or Yellow?  I have some time before I can get to this project.  Let’s see if you can sway me one way or another.

Rustic & Retro Stools

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