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How to Give an Ugly Teapot a Fresh Fun & Frugal Makeover

Hanging Teapot Birdhouse

Do you ever see a picture on Pinterest or Facebook or the internet that has your name written all over it?  I mean, it’s something that you look at and think, I’ve got to do that!  Welp, that’s what happened with the hanging teapot birdhouse!  I can’t even tell you whose picture it was or where I saw it or even if it was actually a birdhouse!  But I saw something like this and knew I wanted to make one!  And knew I wanted mine to be a cute birdhouse!  With the pond in the front yard, we have a lot of birds around.  They normally use the waterfall part of the pond for a birdbath.  It’s kind of fun to watch them from the dining room window when I have a minute or two.

So, I knew I wanted to make one but next I needed to find a teapot!  And honestly, at the thrift stores, teapots are not what I would consider cheap.  I know, I’m probably cheap but I do have a limit on what I’ll pay for certain items.  And when they’re selling teapots for $8-$10 that I want to paint and hang from a tree, I think that’s a little more than I want to pay!  LOL

Hanging Teapot Birdhouse


But, as you can guess, I found one at my cousin’s sale.  He likes to pick estate sales and I was amazed at the variety of things he had at the sale.  I found so many cool and fun things that I have or will be showcasing on the blog!  And I think I might have paid like $1 for it (maybe $2).  And honestly, it was pretty ugly!  The gold design was chipping off and it was black.  But I liked the shape of it!  And I knew a little spray paint would do wonders for it!  (I might have forgotten to take a true “before” pic but you get the gist.)

And, as you can see, the paint DID do wonders!  How cute is it now?  I picked up some 7-pound twine and created a cute hanger for it.  The next challenge was getting it into the tree without a ladder.  We’re one of those families that don’t have a ladder and just haven’t ever gotten around to buying one.  But I DO have a few boys that are pretty accurate at throwing.  So, we taped the string to a ball and had them throw it up and over the branch.  Then I finished tying it off.

Hanging Teapot Birdhouse

From what I can tell, I think I might be a little late for nesting season but I’m not a bird guru.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and have a nest in it sometime this year after all!  Either way, I think it looks cute hanging from the tree and I’m glad that it found its way to my house!

I love how you can take something that some people would throw away and turn it into something cute and useable!  And all it took was a little paint and twine.  It was that easy!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!  I’d love to see some of your yard art!


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