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Adding Funky to the Poor Pond with Sprocky the Frog

Rock Frog Yard Art

My mom is so good to me!  I love that we have the same interests now (which was NOT always the case)!  Lately, we’ve been getting together at least once a month to go junkin’ together!  And I so love the quality time with her!  But for this post, she was junkin’ solo and sent me a pic of this rock frog yard art.  She asked if I wanted him to come live at my house and I was like, ABSOLUTELY!  How can you pass up this adorable frog sculpture?

Rock Frog Yard Art

She got it at one of the many cute décor shops near where she lives!  That’s one of the nice things about a smaller town.  You can find the really good places easier (in my opinion)!  So when she came to visit one of the last times, she carries in this huge bag and sets it on the dining room table.  I asked her what it was and she said it was all the treasures she had accumulated since the last time I had seen her!  And we just laughed!  But it was like Christmas!

We just kept opening and opening and sometimes she’d come across something that she didn’t even remember was in the bag.  So it’d be a surprise for both of us.  But, like mother, like daughter, I had a bag for her as well and she loved everything that I had accumulated as well.  (No frogs for my mom but she likes turtles.)

Rock Frog Yard Art

So this little guy came to live with me!  And I named him Rocky!  Pretty original, eh?  I know, that’s kind of the funny part of it.  But he’s perched on a rock by my front steps right now and I think he may have just found his future home.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to decide where I really want something to land so I move it and move it again and again until something finally just feels right.  And I think Rocky is perfect right where he is!

Slowly but surely the landscaping is coming together!  You’ll see a lot more things I have planned for it coming up in the next few months!  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Aren’t you glad spring is finally here?!?  If you live in the Midwest, I’m pretty sure you ARE!


Rock Frog Yard Art

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