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Repurposing a Vintage Angel Food Cake Pan & Pie Pan

Vintage baking pans

I’m telling you!  I am a sucker for vintage baking pans!  For some reason, when I find them and I just have to bring them home with me!  I don’t always have a plan for them but I can’t leave them behind either.  One of these days, I’ll come up with the perfect plan for all my vintage baking pans that I’m hoarding right now!  But on this junking trip, I was telling my mom that I really wish I could find a vintage tin fluted pie pan.  And I FOUND ONE!  The junking gods were looking out for me!  And right next to the pie pan, I found the angel food cake pan!  Double whammy!  Yeah for me!

Vintage Fluted Pie Pan perfect for food staging

I had seen somewhere that someone made a cake plate with a fluted tin pie pan turned upside down on top of a wooden candlestick holder.  And while it was super cute, I was looking for a fluted pie pan for my pie pictures instead.  You know me; I haven’t gotten brave enough to try a homemade pie crust.  So I thought the fluted pan would create a cool pic for my pies that I’m whipping out every now and then using frozen pie crust.  This one happens to have a bent side to it but that’s okay!  It just adds personality to it!  And what were the chances that I found it on the day I actually commented that I wanted to find one!  Woot woot!

Vintage fluted pie pan

As for the angel food cake pan, let me first say, can you imagine how hard it would have been to get an angel food cake out of this pan WITHOUT the removable inside???  I cannot even imagine!  Angel food cake is not one of my specialties.  I’d much rather just buy one…  hehe

Vintage Angel Food Cake Pan turned succulent planter

But I love this pan for what I want it for!  I’m going to fill it with succulents and put it on a step of an old step stool that I picked up in the back rock area.  The area is just on the other side of our dog fence but still our property and it just needs some lovin’.  My hubby and I cleaned it all up last year and added some rocks and some landscape bricks to try to keep it from washing out from large rains.  And after the other night’s rain, hail and a tornado warning, I think it just might be working for us!  At least this time, we don’t have to go move all our rock off the grass and back into the rock bed.

Vintage angel food cake pan

Can you tell I’m excited to get started on my landscaping?  Yep, I can’t wait to get some stuff done and share updated pics with you all!  Wish me luck!  This will be my first time actually doing much landscaping!  I’ve always lived places that had it done already when I moved in.  But with my mom’s help, I’m excited to try my hand at it!  Who knows, I might just love it!

Update!  How cute did this turn out!  Oh my gosh!!  I love it!

Hens & Chicks Bundt Pan

Vintage baking pans


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