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Which is the right way with this awesome old rusty arrow?

Awesome Rusty Old Arrow

Hey!  How are you all doing?

I am loving the milder weather we’re having here in Iowa!  We’ve had a lot of storms on and off but some milder temperatures and I’m so excited to get a few more projects done in the garage with the milder temps!  Most recently, I decided to work on an old rusty arrow that I picked up at one of my favorite places to go!  Tweaked Too!  I’m telling you!  If you haven’t been there and enjoy some of the same things that I show on my blog, you NEED to go!  I have never walked out of there with less than a half-dozen items to take home with me!  I love that place!

My most recent visit, I was on the hunt for a sign to put over my kitchen sink and window.  I just don’t know what I want and am having trouble finding something that just says, “Take me home!”  But I spied this rusty arrow.  And my mom, was like, are you sure?!?  And of course, I was like, “YES! I love it!”  Then I got it home and put it by the place I wanted to hang it and…  It’s not the right thing for that space.  It just looks weird and out-of-place.  So now what?

BeforeAwesome Old Rusty Arrow

Trust me, I knew I’d eventually find a place for it!  I thought about hanging it outside but I was afraid that it would eventually start rusting again being outside and I don’t really have any place that I can put it that the rust wouldn’t ruin the siding, decking or foundation.  But I do have a game room downstairs that needs some décor added to it.  It’s a little bare right now except for a few miscellaneous sports things.

DuringAwesome Old Rusty Arrow

But I also decided that I really wished it wasn’t quite as rusty as it was.  So, after researching ways to remove rust from metal, I realized that this was a perfect opportunity for me to try the old Coke vs. rust experiment that I’ve always wondered about.  The only place I had that I could do this experiment that would hold enough Coke and be big enough to fit the arrow in was the boys’ bathtub.  And one day when I knew they’d be gone for most of the day, I filled the tub with Coke and laid the arrow to soak.  Have you ever tried this?  I was shocked!

AfterAwesome Old Rusty Arrow

I really thought it was going to be one of those things like the “As Seen on TV” items that never work like they show on TV.  But I was surprised to see the rust coming off right before my eyes.  And then when I needed to flip the arrow around to soak the other end better, there was a definite line on it.  WHAT?!?  Well, if it was going to work that well on taking rust off, I wondered how well it would work on the grimy bathtub.  (We have hard water in our little town and it’s a bear to get some of that off!)  And before I knew it, the bathtub was clean!  The grime was gone!  The hard water spots were gone!  AND my arrow looked better!

I’m more of a Pepsi fan but I will be keeping Coke on hand from now on for those tough to clean areas in the house!  Have you tried it?  If so, I want to hear about it!  What did you use it for?  And were you as surprised as I was?

Awesome Old Rusty Arrow

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