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How to glam up your yard critters with just a can of paint!

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

Do you ever pass something by on the clearance shelf or at the thrift store or garage sale or flea market for the simple reason that it’s rather ugly looking?  I mean the kind of item that has paint chipping off of it or is multi colored due to too many poor paint jobs.  Or someone painted it an obnoxious combination of colors which I’m sure matched something that they were going for but for the life of you, you cannot imagine what?  Yeah?  Me too!  Until I got addicted to spray paint!  Not in an unhealthy manner but more so in the way that I could and have spray painted almost anything, including my yard critters!  There is such a variety of spray paints available now and some of them are just really, really cool!

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

As you can see from the before pic of my frog, I’m sure he was probably painted similar to what a real frog would look like.  But that was probably quite some time ago!  There wasn’t much paint left to him when I spotted him in the thrift store!  But given my current infatuation with frogs, I just knew he had to come home with me!  I know as a ceramic that he’s probably not the best for being out in the elements but when you only spend a few dollars on them, it’s a lot easier to replace them when needed.  This little guy was only $3.88 at one of our Goodwill stores and I had paint at home from a previous project so it was a perfect trash 2 treasure project!

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

The paint I used was a textured Rust-Oleum that I thought looked similar to a concrete look.  I wanted to add the frog and my other yard critters to the yard pond area where we have a lot of rocks.  I wanted them to fit in but not get totally lost in the rocks.  One of those things that the delivery guy may not notice but someone admiring our pond might see and think oh, how cute!  I guess you can say I’m more of a subtle yard decorator than a bright and shiny one!  Hehe

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

While I was painting my new frog, I decided I wanted to change up the turtle I found last year.  He was forest green and got a little lost in the greenery around the pond.  So this year, he got a face lift with a little lighter coat of the same paint.  The secret to the full coat is to layer several light coats on, letting them dry in between each coat.  This paint adds a texture so it takes some time to build up to the color you’re wanting.

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

You can see all the available colors here.  I actually have 3 different cans of this stuff!  The desert bisque was used on the frog and the turtle.  I used the Caribbean sand on the hanging bird feeder.  And I picked up the aged iron for a different project altogether.  I love that you can do so many things with the different options of spray paint that are available now!

Anytime something catches my eye and I think boy, that’s really ugly, I always stop myself and consider if it would be the perfect treasure with a coat of different paint!  You just never know how a coat of paint may change the look of a potential treasure!  Just make sure that you use the right kind of paint!  If it says not for outdoor use, don’t try to use it outdoors!  LOL  Here’s what mine looked like after one rain when I “tried” to use indoor only paint!

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

Yep, that didn’t work out so well!

As you’re out thrifting, junking or garage sale-ing, keep this in mind!  I definitely look at things in a different perspective now!  And I have regular painting sessions in my garage now too!  Bless my husband for his patience in parking outside the garage when I have those painting spurts!  He’s very patient when my creativity cramps his routines!

Before you try this project on just any figure you find, I should also tell you that most ceramics are not made for outdoors.  But when I pick them up for so little, I don’t mind them only lasting a year or two.  I left the turtle out last year through the winter and he survived but had some damage to the bottom.  We’ll see if they last longer if I bring them in over the winter this year.  If they don’t last, it just gives me a good reason to go hunting for more, right?!?

Glammed up Painted Yard Critters Glammed up Painted Yard Critters

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  1. Good job on the frog and turtle! They were indeed quite sorry looking before the paint! I am sure they (frog and turtle :D) are happy with their new look.

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