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How to Make Galvanized Edging for a Rustic Garden

Galvanized Garden Edging

I have been drooling over this galvanized garden edging I happened upon when I was surfing the net.   Galvanized Lawn EdgingAnd I love, love, loved it for my one part of the yard that is going to be more of a vintage vignette.  It’s not a  very big area but I needed something to keep the ajuga in the landscape area instead of taking over my yard.  And everywhere I found the edging was from the UK.  Really?!?  I am not going to order galvanized edging from the UK.  I can only imagine how much the shipping would be on something like that!  LOL


So, of course, I always revert to plan B if I don’t want to spend the money on something that I have my heart set on.  So, plan B in this case was….  I’ll just make some myself!  Boy, that was a strain on the brain!  Haha  First, I thought I would just try to find some old galvanized sheets and cut those down to use but with rustic being so popular right now, the rust sheets are a bit pricey as well.  Then I found were I could buy them from Menards in sheets that are more like panels.  And I even had those in my cart but the thought of cutting all those strips with a pair of shears, was not appealing to me.

Galvanized Flashing from Menards

Then I found this metal flashing strips from Menards.  Way, way less expensive than the other options so far.  And then I picked up a basic piece of PVC pipe and cut it down to the 6” pieces.  Then I picked up a piece of scrap wood at Home Depot for a few dollars.  And I thought few screws later and I’d have a handy little mold to create my garden edging!  Yeah!  I also picked up a rubber mallet for using to work on the curves of the corrugated part.  And then…  when it came down to it…  the whole mold thing just seemed like too much work so I free hand bent the pieces.

Galvanized Garden Edging

One thing I will warn you on, make sure you wear a good pair of gloves!  This metal is sharp!  That’s why I did take the time to bend down one edge of the flashing so it would be safe to have in the yard.  I also made sure to keep in mind that only about 3 inches would be showing once I got it put in the area so it didn’t have to be perfect.  And I really just wanted it to peek out of the plants, not be the main attraction.  I think it worked out perfectly and I think it’ll look great once the plants start spreading and fill in the area more.  We planted chocolate chip ajuga so it would be low maintenance and easy care.  I thought the chocolate chip in the name was perfect for us (err, me).

Galvanized Garden Edging

Next on the list will be my vintage vignette!  I’ll share when it’s all done!

Are you a gardener?  This is my first year and my first attempt!  Fingers crossed that everything doesn’t die on me!  LOL

Galvanized Garden Edging

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