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How to Turn Junky into a Funky Frog House in 3 easy steps

Junky to Funky Frog House

Maybe you haven’t figured this out about me yet but I am a Pinterest fanatic!  I start scrolling through pics and get started down one road to find something and then get distracted by another pic that “might interest me” and then before I know it, I’m looking at something totally unrelated to what I went looking for!  Does this happen to just me or is it normal on Pinterest?  I can’t even tell you what I was looking for when I ended up finding a pic of my dream of a funky frog house (which happened to be a birdhouse, btw).

But as you may know already, I have this pond in my front yard.  And this time, I’m including a pic for you all so you can see what I’m talking about.  See, it’s not THAT big but it’s definitely big enough.  I always told people when we first moved in that it was big enough that it was too big to just pull out of the yard.  But small enough that you can’t swim or really fish in it.  And I still think it’s about that big.

Junky to Funky Frog House

But it’s starting to grow on us and I think it may be a keeper now.  This will be our second year of cleaning it out after letting all the fall leaves sink to the bottom of it and I think I might (just might) have my hubby convinced to cover it next year with netting or a tarp to keep this from happening every spring.  It’s not my favorite job…

My favorite part of the pond?  We have frogs!  Each year we get to watch the tadpoles swim around and eventually some of them grow to frogs.  I love the frogs but a neighbor of ours (to remain unnamed) decided to put a huge toad in the pond last year and I’m pretty sure that the toad ate all my frogs.  (I don’t know if toads eat frogs, really, but that’s the theory I’m going with.)

Junky to Funky Frog House

Last year, we’d see a frog and then a few days later, it was nowhere to be found.  The toad might have been a bully too.  But this year, if the toad shows up again, I decided we’re going to relocate him to the creek not far from our house.

So, this year with the landscaping project, I decided we needed a frog house by the pond!  And since I fell head over heels for the birdhouse in this design, I decided that there was no reason, I couldn’t make one for a frog house!  If only I could find the items I needed!  And between my mom’s treasures and a few we found together, I got super lucky!  I love how it turned out!  I’m not sure if any frogs could actually live in it since I didn’t give it a door but it’ll sure look cute by the pond!

I’d consider this a Pinterest win!  Yeah!

I can’t wait to share pics of my frogs this summer if I get any!  The last few years we’ve had tree frogs too!  I don’t touch them or anything but I sure do think they’re cute!  Ribbit!

Junky to Funky Frog House


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