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Do you Like my Frugal Upcycled Cake Stand?

Upcycled Cake Stand

Sometimes when I’m picking, I come across something that I like and is a super deal.  At the time, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I figure for the price, I can put it somewhere and come back to it when I figure out that I want to do with it.  Last year, when I was going the farmer’s market, I enjoyed making the table look pretty and one of the things I wanted on the table were some cake stands to add some height.  At the time, I didn’t have any but I did have a really cute swirled glass plate.  It has a few scratches on it but nothing too bad.  I also had a vintage soda fountain glass replica that I had gotten a candy boutique in a few years ago.

Upcycled Cake Stand

I wondered if the glass set upside down would work as a taller pedestal for the plate and sure enough, it was a perfect fit.  A little E6000 clear glue to the bottom glass and the bottom of the plate did the trick.  It was the perfect height to display some of the baked goods and added a little style to the table.  After making the cake plate and using it a few times, I decided I wanted a see-through food cover for the items on the cake plate.  They were packaged in plastic bags but I knew I wanted something more to make it look even cuter!

As my hubby and I were on a day trip, we were visiting some shops to the south of us.  There’s a string of vintage stores that lead up to Kalona.  And every now and then we take a day to make the trip.  Just someplace close that we can go and he can do some picking with me.  I don’t think he likes going to the honey hole with me because you really have to hunt to find the good stuff.  And I mean, boots and flashlights and you can’t be afraid of spiders or little critters scurrying around.  And you have to dig in most cases.  Thankfully, they do have it organized a little in one of the buildings but the other is getting so full, you barely have room to walk through it.

Upcycled Cake Stand

But as we were on our day trip, I came across this mesh food dome in one of the stores.  It was a little more than I would normally want to pay for something but it was exactly what I had envisioned in my mind.  I was totally surprised that I even found one.  But it was one of the few things that we bought that trip.  Or maybe I should say that I bought.  He doesn’t buy much when we go picking.  But he did find a bottle he liked the other day.  So, we added that to our old bottle collection.

Upcycled Cake Stand

What do you think?  I thought it turned out really cute.  And I did get to use it a few times before the end of the farmer’s market season and what turned out to be the last farmers market in our little town.  I don’t use it much anymore but I do enjoy looking at it on top of my refrigerator.  And since I made this one, I’ve added another 3 cake stands to my collection.

(Shaking my head) I need to do something with some of my pieces that I don’t use!  LOL Maybe this winter.  At some point, I’d like to start selling some of it on eBay or Etsy or through here if I can figure out how to set it up.  We’ll see what I come up with!

Upcycled Cake Stand

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