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Free & Ugly Rocking Chairs Transformed to Funky & Fun!

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

Ok, I have a confession.

I tend to be rather impulsive at times.

Are you surprised?  If you know me at all, probably not!  LOL

About 2 years ago, I found these free ugly rocking chairs on Craigslist!  I know, FREE!  That’s my kind of deal!  So, of course, I snatched them up.  And hid them in the back garage until my hubby found them and asked about them.  He just shook his head at me when he found out I got them for free.  As you can see from the pictures, the backs and the seats were woven.  And, as I found out from research, they were rush woven.  I had no idea what that was but I found out it’s tightly wound paper.  Which seems weird that they would weave something for outdoors using paper.  But the chairs didn’t look like they were indoor chairs either.

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

The person I picked them up from said the squirrels had gotten to them and that she was going to try to re-weave them but realized it was more of a task than she anticipated.  So, she handed me a bag of rush along with the chairs and wished me luck.  I didn’t tell her that I had NO intention on weaving them back the way they were.  I had other ideas swimming through my head for them.  Then they sat, and sat, and sat some more.  I finally got around to pulling them out and working on them this summer.  I had to get my brother to help with the new seats.  Thankfully, he’s very smart when it comes to these kinds of things and always willing to help me out.

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

I wasn’t sure at first what color I wanted to paint them.  I initially was thinking a fun, bright color but then my sister-in-law suggested white and I realized that would be the most versatile color to go with.  And then I could put any cushions with them that I wanted.  And I already had some cool cushions that I could use.  Do you like them?  The lawn chair webbing I found at the local Menards and was glad it had touch of green in it.  I think it shows off the weaving better by having that thin strip of green on either side of it.  I wove the front and back to cover up the wooden frame pieces and like that it’s pretty from the front and back.

I’m not sure what I want to do with them for sure.  Maybe keep them, maybe sell them.  I have so many projects that I do and then can’t let them go.  I’m running out of space.  But I’m also running out of furniture projects, which is fine with me for the fall/winter seasons.  The only problem is that I keep looking and finding furniture pieces that I think, Ohhhhhh, that would be cute…. (insert any idea).  But I have held off on adding anything to my “big project” list so far.  Wish me luck the next few months!

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

I try to only buy items that I would consider keeping myself.  I see so many pieces in different places (Facebook for sale sites, Craigslist) that people have redone and wanting to sell.  But, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure they’ve necessarily done their research ahead of time.  Some furniture items sell better than others and sometimes that’s why you can get some pieces for a very low price.  But that also means that you’re not going to be able to sell it for a huge profit either.  Some pieces take a lot more work than others so that’s something to take into consideration as well.  Real wood is much easier to work with than other materials.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from having the fun that I do by redoing a piece of furniture.  But if you’re looking to do it and sell for a profit, I recommend doing your research first.  Check out some sale sites to see what the item is normally going for secondhand.  See if you can find anything that has been redone and now for sale.  Follow the item to see if you can tell how long it takes to sell.  And watch to see how much the item is listed for.

Can you buy and redo an item within that price?  Does that allow anything for your time?  Or are you going to do it just for fun?  Are you familiar with the process that it would take to redo the item you have in mind?  Like this chair, I wonder if the person I got them from had really considered the process of re-weaving it.  I know after I considered it, I would never have had the patience to re-weave a chair like this.  But going with the process that I did, it was very manageable.  With the help from my brother and his saws.

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

On the plus side, it is so rewarding to have people oh and ah over an item that you transformed from an ugly duckling to a bird that fits your style.  And a lot of times, you can get some pieces for little to nothing if you want to experiment with them.  My end tables that I picked up for $5 and redid turned out so nice that I replaced the ones I was using at the time.  (By the way, the ones I replaced, I had gotten for free and painted black for my living room.)  I love how the new ones turned out and love them to this day.

And that all started because I was curious to try a homemade chalk paint process.  When I was thinking about this, the one thing I kept in mind was that I would be fine selling the pieces for $5 after I played with them.  The supplies and time invested were for my fun only.  And if I didn’t sell them then I was only out $5 more for some fun experimentation for me.  And I could always donate them to Goodwill if I really needed to get rid of them.

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

As for the rocking chairs, I think I’ll put on one of the three different levels of decks that I have for now.  They’re nicer and cozier than some chairs that I have out there now.  I keep hoping that one day, we’ll redo the decks so that we have a better view out to the golf course.  Maybe next year.

I threw an idea at my husband this weekend on what I want to do but he wasn’t really excited.  And then after hearing him tell me how different the rocking chairs turned out than he had envisioned, I think I’ll need to show him a picture of my idea to get his buy-in.  And next year, we’ll need to either re-stain the decks or start replacing some of the wood.  It was given a band-aid paint job when we bought it.  And I would love to give it a cool transformation!  We’ll see what I can talk him into between now and then!  Wish me luck!  LOL

Sorry for talking your ear off today!  Hope you enjoyed the transformation though!

Free Ugly Rocking Chair Makeover

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