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I wanted a Cute Outdoor House but never expected this!

Cute Outdoor House

Every now and then, I get an image of something in my head but when I try to make it happen, it fails for one reason or another.  Earlier this summer, I picked up this cute white metal chair that I wanted to put next to my front door and decorate with some fun things.  I bought a plant and put it in a cute turquoise pot that I already had.  I put a couple of other things with it and I thought I would love it but I didn’t.  Then the plant died and I loved it even less.  The next idea I had was a Cute Outdoor House to set in the chair.  I almost got a birdhouse from the What Cheer Flea Market but it was sold by the time I went back.

Cute Outdoor House

Then I got a text from my mother in law that this really nice lady that we know was having one of her “junk” sales this month.  Her place is just north of the town I live in and she always has such cute stuff.  I really didn’t intend to find a house because I had picked up a mailbox in What Cheer that I planned to turn into a house with a little creative painting.  But when I found this one, I knew it had to go home with me!  And I really hoped it would fit where I wanted it to.  But if it didn’t, I still liked it enough that I would have put it somewhere else.

Cute Outdoor House

Thankfully, it fit perfectly!  And I love it way more than I did the last idea I had.  I love that it has a metal corrugated roof and I love that it’s barn red.  They had several other houses at the sale but the rest of them were wood roofs and not as bold of colors.  I’m so glad no one bought this one before I saw it!

Now I think I’m going to either try to find or make a little wreath to hang on the front of it above the door and it’ll be my own little touch to it.

Don’t you love when you find the perfect treasure?  Now what to do with the mailbox…

Cute Outdoor House

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