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How to create this super Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin!

Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin

I follow this amazing blog, “homeroad”.  Lately, Susan has been turning almost anything round into pumpkins for fall.  And everything she was making was so cute!  I wanted to do something similar but hadn’t really come up with what I wanted to use yet.  And then, I found two old bundt pans at Goodwill and I knew they were going to make a Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin for my table.

Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin

Every now and then (at least once every 2 weeks), I stop by a Goodwill store on my way home from my day job.  Sometimes I find some good things and sometimes, I walk out empty handed.  But that doesn’t happen very often.  I found these two bundt pans the other day when I was in there.  One was red and one was blue.  And if you know me, I can’t really pass up bundt pans.  They were in pretty good condition but I didn’t really need one that was that shape.  It was the same as my steady eddy one.

Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin

I considered saving them for a 4th of July decoration next year but then the pumpkin plan hit me.  And I knew it was a done deal!  As I was piecing the plan together, I remembered that I still had some orange paint leftover from my vintage Cosco Stool.  It was almost the perfect color that I wanted.  And I had some old railroad spikes that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them yet.  One of those would work as a stem.  And I had some twine to use as a vine and I cut out some leaves from a brown paper sack that I had on hand.  I also added that little curly thing that makes pumpkins so cute made out of some old rusty wire that I curled around a broom handle.

That meant I could pull off this project with little to nothing out of my pocket!  Just the cost of two second hand generic bundt pans that weren’t worth much.  And I could pull it together in very little time.  Pull the cars out of the garage and throw down a tarp.  Spend maybe 5 minutes painting.  A few hours doing something else while it dried well.  Another 10 minutes putting the other pieces together and BOOM!  My cute pumpkin was ready to sit on my table for October.

Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin

I added an old milk bottle that I had with some twigs that were all blowing to one side to add a little spooky element to the decor.  When I was taking pictures it wasn’t very spooky because the sun was shining but you get the idea.

What do you think?  Are you going to run out and find yourself some old bundt pans now?  They’re pretty common at the thrift stores.  And if they don’t match, that might be even better.  It just so happened that mine did.

Cute Bundt Pan Pumpkin

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